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Monday, March 24, 2014

Global warming

— How much does the topic concern you in general? Why?
I feel like this report made it a little more concerning but in reality I'm really not that concerned. Notice the fact that they make a comment about the o-zone layer protecting us from UV radiation and how these greenhouse gases are destroying it, but yet in the list of things that could go wrong they don't mention it at all. It just says climate could possibly change causing drought and flooding. How can they prove that it's the o-zone layer that affecting things and not the ever changing climate. I still feel like there is a debate and therefore I'm not really worried.

 — How much have you learned about climate change in school? What do you believe about it?
I have learned little to nothing about global warming in school and I'm not really convinced there isn't still a debate about it. If it's so damn drastic then why is our government putting in more of an effort. Even still I believe that greenhouse gases could far in the future be a cause for concern.

— How compelling do you find this most recent report to be?
Not very. I'm stubborn and have a hard time believing this crap. These guys are just very dramatic.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fraternity Hazing

I'll reword the first question to whether or not I would join a fraternity?
Most likely I would probably join a fraternity, not only for the excitement but for the social part of being part of a fraternity.

It kinda hard to comment on something I don't really know much about but for the third question I could see where the student who was defending the pledging part of a fraternity is coming from. It seems like what he is saying makes sense but the fact that people are dying is a fact that definitely cannot be ignored. In reality I can't imagine that these kids don't care that they accidentally killed somebody and there pledging practices have changed.

 I think that banning college fraternity's would completely change the entire college experience. Would it still be that moment in life that every parent who went to college looks back and can say that it was the most exciting part of there life. I don't think so. I'm reality what they need to do is change some of the pledging practices to make it safer and then punish the kids who where involved in the deaths of students.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thumbnail editorials

Weather in maine- The weather in maine is the best example for the four seasons. Our summer is hot and sunny, autumn is a little bit chilly but is beautiful with the change colors, winter is cold and snowy and spring is rainy and muddy.

Bumper stickers- Not a huge fan when it comes to bumper stickers. One or two bumper stickers is plenty. But when you see those people who have a ton of bumper stickers that are either political and stickers of the places they've been I just feel like pulling them all off cause nobody cares where the random person in front of them has been.

Spending a lot of money on prom- Perfectly fine with me. Our past generations say all of the time how prom was the best night of there life and that everybody needs to experience it. Well we will all take their word for it but if we don't have the money to put into it than the future generations being us won't be able to say the same to our children.

Facebook- Probably the most efficient but misused website ever. It was created to socialize and reconnect people. But people would rather use Facebook to fight and argue or just play the games provided. And more recently it has been used essentially as a memory card, saving all the Instagram photos and vines that everybody has enjoyed.

Lying- Probably my favorite thing. I don't enjoy having to do it but it saves my a** a lot. It's probably the most powerful tactic against your parents when something arises that could possibly hurt you.