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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pixars Short Film

Pixars boudin was a somewhat funny comedy with a strong morale behind the quick flick. Pixar is notorious for creating funny short videos that always have a strong morale to the story, while this one wasn't as funny as others the morale came across in an amusing way. Pixar's Boudin was a short movie about a lamb who very much enjoyed his shiny coat of fur and would get every morning and dance around boasting about it, until the farmer came and sheered all of it off and put him back in the ran cold a miserable. With the lamb believing he had nothing left but his pink skin, he never got up and danced and stayed upset, until a "great American jack a lop" came bouncing down along the trail, who told him that he need to change the way he thinks to stop believing that it's all because he's pink. The Jack a lop taught him a trick of how he could rebound, where you take one foot and slap it on to the ground which launched him high into the sky and back to the ground. After realizing that there was more to do then strut his fur, he became happy and every year that he would get sheered he would rebound by putting his foot down and launch up high. The morale just comes across in a very interesting way. I very much enjoyed how the moment the lamb got sheered the weather turn into a torrential down poor not only symbolizing his feeling but it made you feel bad for him. Also the fact that the Jack a lops dance was called boudin rebound was ironic to the situation in which it came in handy to the lamb. All around this film was short and sweet and nothing but funny. I would give Pixar short film a solid 8/10 for the strong characters and well done moral story. I would recommend this to anybody who has ever seen any Pixar short film. I wouldn't recommend this to anybody who hasn't seen a Pixar short only because they have better ones.

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