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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Editorial 1 maine driving laws

Good job comparing the old rules with the new- you made the differences very clear! Remember to make paragraphs when you change topics and another interview wouldn’t hurt.
Teenage Driving Laws
In the past year many new laws have gone into effect that have drastically changed some of the Maine driving laws, specifically for teenagers. For teenagers who got there permits and licenses in 2012 they won't ever have to see the effects and with one teen, Eric Wentworth saying "thank god I was born the year I was" and many his age who would agree with that.
With the laws of driving hours for permits and driving hours for getting a license with a permit almost doubling, it almost seems hopeless for the future generations. For a permit in Maine every teenager is expected to pay four to five hundred dollars to get into the class, then every teenager is expected to attend class for 1-2 months with two classes a week and absences aren't permitted, then every teenager is expected to pass a written test and then do 10 hours of driving with an instructor. Same pretty much goes with obtaining a license with a permit. Every permitted driver is expected to drive 35 logged hours, at least 30 hours during the day and at least 5 hours of night time driving, he/she is then expected to have that permit for at least 6 months before being able to to send in the logged hours and then get a date for your drivers test according to the book of Maine State Driving Guide book.
 If you think those laws were seemingly fair well then you can easily see why many teenagers are really upset by the new driving restrictions. With the driving hours on both the permit testing driving and the drivers license driving hours doubled to 20 hours required to obtain your permit and 70 hours of logged driving for your license. With an addition to that the time you must posses a permit to even send in for your driver license test was also doubled to a full year.
That also means that you will have to renew your permit after a year or wait for your drivers test. With this new law that went into effect you can clearly see why so many young teens are upset and so many teens that got there license before the law went into effect were relieved.

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