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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Senior Year Movie Review

Kyle Newell
Senior Year part 1 directed by Michael Bay was one of the most memorable movies I have ever seen and it will become an instant classic for the rest of my life. It's like watching a movie as good as Titanic and like Charlie Chaplin will never be forgotten, the main character of Senior Year (Kyle Newell) in his most interesting years will never be forgotten. While the movie genre was the first to be labeled as undetermined it was clear why that was, it contained so many genres and though it was like a documentary, it seemed like a Hollywood made film that everybody 17 and older can enjoy because of it's rated R rating. You could easily place the tags of exciting, comedy, action, drama, documentary, thriller, suspense and classic on Senior Year.
The movie starts out with a brief but very thorough introduction of his past which created a very in depth back story to the person he was and some of the struggles he went through to get himself to where the movie of his senior year begins. The beginning of his senior year like every other school year starts with the new but average anticipation of getting the easiest and final year of his grade school career done and over with. With a plan to bust out his final credits, Kyle  keeps senior privileges in mind, doing what he can, he pacts his schedule so tight he no longer had room for fun that way he could get his Senior year done even faster.
       Kyle achieves his goals and gets the good grades, grades he worked so hard for and the third quarter/second semester rolled around he knew he could take a breather and enjoy the next few months. But with to much room to breath he losses control of his academics while he trys to make up for the loss of excitement and fun (social life) that was locked away in the first semester to get where he wanted to be. Like a solar flare Kyle was blind to the drastic change that would soon throw him off and risk his entire senior year. Being blind to his academics he enjoyed life and became the social person that he thrived to be all year long. That's when the most action packed, suspense filled moment of his senior year engulfed his entire life in flames and burned him so badly that he could finally see again and he realized how upside down his social life now was and his academic life was.
        With a huge eye opening moment and the will to fight on, Kyle tried to stitch up and repair what he spent his whole high school career doing, graduating. With graduation hanging in the balance and his entire future doing the same he came back to reality and strived for every high school seniors goal, to graduate. After that intense climax Kyle was able to look back and laugh at himself knowing that he had made mistakes but at the same time knew he was able to going to push through and finish up his senior year like the rest of his friends and family.
      If you've ever seen any of Michael Bay's other movies you know they were full of action packed moments and though this one didn't have action through out the entire movie, he did a very good job making an insanely explosive moment that the climax peaked on.  There's no telling what part 2 will have in store for us but I believe we can anticipate a triumphant return from Kyle with his academics and watch him have a wonderful graduation filled with the mixed emotion of happiness and sadness. Overall this movie earned a solid 10/10 stars for the strong roll of Kyle Newell and the amazing work of Michael Bay. I would recommend this movie to anybody 17 and older, for it was one of the most exciting movies of the century.

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  1. Wow! I like how you included suspense in your review without giving away too much. The language in this piece works to draw in the reader and would make most want to see what exactly happened in Kyle's social life that made him lose focus! Some grammar/spelling mistakes, but otherwise a thorough review of senior year.