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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Valentines day feature article

Kyle Newell
Do Males Or Females Care More About Valentines Day

Valentines day is a time for people to show their love to one another. Men get their women gifts and women occasionally surprise their men with something nice. The general assumption about valentines day is that women are the only ones who really care about it because they receive gifts. This doesn't mean that men don't get gifts, it's just that women generally make more of a big deal about it. Since my father and his girlfriend have been around for their fair share of valentines days I decided to interview them.
When asked what his opinion and how important valentines day is my father said, "I feel like its important enough to get a small gift for her, but I don't really treat it as a big day, like Christmas and birthdays. I think it's a good day to have, just to make her feel special."
When asked how he would feel if he didn't receive a gift he said, "I don't really care if she gets me anything. As long as she's happy, then I'm fine"
Both of these answers further proves a point that men don't see valentines day as this big, enormous day that needs to be celebrated and it's mostly for the women. After interviewing my father it was his girlfriend Erica's turn. Erica had been looking forward to valentines day for over a week because she said that she knew the exact day that it was on. But my father didn't know the day because he just said sometime next week. Some people may think guys don't receive anything but my father is a lucky man because his girlfriend always buys him something. When asked what she got him Erica said, "The same thing I get him every year cause our feelings for each other haven't changed since I bought his first valentines day gift. I bought him gummy bears, twizzlers, and chocolate. His favorite candy."
My father is a very lucky man because his girlfriend cares about him so much and always treats him well. If my father didn't get my girlfriend anything she would be very upset but only for a short amount of time. Overall my father and his girlfriend do care about each other a lot and even though they don't do anything extravagant it still shows they care. But Erica does care more about valentines day than my father which goes to show women care more about it than men do.

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